Goal target

setting ichibot using pc software


This is ichibot pc interface ver. 1.0 using microsoft excel 2013 – 2016


  1. flash your ichibot with new firmware, download new firmware beta below
  2. connect your ichibot with Serial to USB cable (not using usb port in the board).
    • cross mode : tx to rx, rx to tx
  3. setting enable macro ms excel
    • enable developer tab in File – Excel Option – Custom Ribbon
    • in developer tab click macro security
    • enable all macro
  4. close microsoft excel software
  5. open file ichibot pc interface ver.1.0
  6. if success it will show popup message like this:
  7. connect ichibot using Serial to USB cable and find COMM Port in device manager
  8. in excel app set comm port based on serial com detected and select baudrate 115200
  9. Click “test communication” and you will see popup message if done.
  10. try read write data
  11. give us feedback for next development.

download :

  1. ichibot pc interface ver 1.0
  2. ichibot firmware os 5.o1 with serial interface
  3. proteus simulation

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