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Essential Oils Can Help Curb Food Cravings

After the holiday season, many people realize they've put on some extra pounds and if not addressed the extra weight remains on their body for the rest of the year, until the next holiday season which will see more pounds added. Are you in the same way like it does for me? Our essential oils for therapeutic use are able to help turn off the satiety part of the brain. Buy Mitti Attar Online
Inhaling or diffusing essential oils could not only have a positive effect on our moods, but as well on our appetites. The ability to smell can directly affect the limbic area of the brain. Studies have shown that certain essential oils increase blood flow and activity in the emotional areas in the brain. Why is this important?
Fragrance influences the Satiety Center in the Brain
There's a satiety area in the brain which tells us when we've eaten enough. The issue that causes weight growth is that it doesn't stop and we continue eating even though we don't require food any more. There are many types of diet "pills" available. Certain ones boost metabolism, others result in us feeling full while others increase our metabolism in general! Does anything work in the satiety centre that is organic and won't harm your body? Yes! Studies have demonstrated dramatic weight loss among research subjects by using the aromas of vanilla absolute and peppermint oil to curb cravings for food. Buy Natural Attar Online
Don't Purchase Perfume Grade Oils
Here's the problem: discover essential oils for therapeutic use not perfume grade, which frequently have been "doctored" by untrustworthy chemical experts and are "improving" on what can be naturally occurring and, by doing so, making lots of dollars. True therapeutic grade oils cost a lot of money. Therefore, be aware of the source of the plant that distilled them, and packaged the oils. The process of adulteration can happen at any time during the process. When you discover an excellent peppermint oil How can you make use of it to control your appetite?
Peppermint is known for its intense flavor and scent. It is possible to:

Douse it
Inhale it
Apply a small amount of the liquid to your tongue
Sprinkle it on your food

Are you interested in learning more on therapeutic-grade oils, and the ways they aid you emotionally, physically and spiritually? Then claim your free instant access to a Special Report on Five Biblical Oils when you subscribe to my free short ezine newsletter on energy healing and aromatherapy at

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